I see you over there...

showing off that gorgeous shiny ring on your finger and gathering all those inspirations on Pinterest.

But the thought of finding the perfect venue for your perfect date and actually putting all the details together feels really daunting on top of your already busy everyday life.

You might be wondering...

can wedding planning actually be fun and stress-free?

Could it really be effortless? Enjoyable? All about the pretty and not about the nitty-gritty? Can you actually breathe a sigh of relief and smile ear to ear at the end of your wedding day knowing it was the most picture perfect day and you didn’t have to worry about one little thing?

and so the adventure begins

Hey, I'm Dusty

I am the calm in the wedding planning storm

Congratulations!! You’re getting married!! I’m so glad you’re here! I know you’re a bit overwhelmed, but not to worry, that’s a completely normal feelin. BUT with my help, you won’t be feeling that way for your whole wedding planning experience.

The perfect recipe for a wedding planner is a Mom, Wife, Step-Mom, Dog-Mom, Entrepreneur, Business Partner, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. (Hint: Skip to the “I’m A Pro” section for the secret sauce of why).

I’ve always had a passion for wedding planning – that’s how I ended up planning half of my friends’ weddings before this was even a profession for me. I love all things pretty, romantic, and the love stories with only the happiest beginnings, after all, weddings are just that.. I do also have the superpowers of staying extremely calm in stressful event situations and seeing the big picture as well as the nitty-gritty details. Andddddd, we can’t forget how great wedding cake is.

Dusty Shelton

Things you should know about me

Where I'm Located

Cape Coral

My Super Power

Calm in the storm

My First Dance Song

take my hand

My Favorite Date Night Meal


Favorite Honeymoon Spot

disney World

Favorite Free Time Activity


I'm a Pro

I’m the ultimate chaos coordinator as my home life is just that…chaos. My husband and I have a blended family with 5 kids from ages 28 to 17 and a small herd of pups that all have different needs.

I’m the best multi-tasker on this planet. My husband and I own an IT company, I own this wedding planning company, I’m on multiple boards and committees, and I still have thriving relationships with my kids, my family, and my friends.

I’m the “we” person. My best friend jokingly calls me a “we” person because I get so excited to hear what others want and the project goes from their project to “our” project. If you’re looking for a partner in crime for all things wedding, I’m your girl

Memorable Moments

Why I do what I do...

But in all seriousness, the reason why I’m in the wedding business is because of the joy I receive when I’ve helped create such a beautiful memorable moment for a couple. It’s the moment that should be relived as one of the best, most stress-free, and gorgeous memories in a couples’ lives. That joy is contagious and priceless. On top of that, weddings for me are the reward. I spend so much time putting in the work and the wedding is the outcome – the beautiful good deed that I get to be a part of.

For the why of me being this entrepreneur business woman, that’s all about my kids. It’s one thing to tell your kids that they can do whatever they want in their lives, it’s another thing to show them. I’ve wanted to do this business my whole life, and it took me until 2018 (ha, you thought you were going to get my age!) to finally make this dream into a reality. So now, not only do my kids know that they can do whatever they want, but they also know, it’s never too late to pursue something you’re passionate about.

The Work - Saving The Day!

I can’t wait to…save your day.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering what are some of the ways I’ve saved a wedding day so you know that I really am cool, calm, and collected. So here’s a couple of examples:

I ordered ubers and teamed up with some of the guests with vehicles at the venue already to go get the guests from the hotel to bring them to the venue. On the back end, because they had to get back to the hotel somehow, I called the charter company every 30 minutes to secure charter busses to go back. They ended up showing up with one giant bus (which held everybody so no one had to wait for a second bus) and the guests were able to get back to the hotel with no trouble and safely!
The father was very adamant about not missing the dance, so I moved it up earlier on the itinerary so he could take some time to rest for the rest of the reception, and feel free to leave without missing their special moment. We kept him as comfortable as possible and the bride and father were happy campers that they were able to share their moment
Luckily, this was realized early enough that he was able to remember the majority of it. We got the speech out on paper, even better than before since I was able to help him edit it all before introductions of the bride and groom were made into the reception.
The flowers were in a uniquely made arrangement, so we took all the florals away to secure them and brought them back right before the ceremony started. When the ceremony was over and the guests retreated to the cocktail reception, we brought the arrangements back to the reception site to keep them safe and secure. The added bonus was that the reception site ended up being even prettier with the flowers.
The colors were blush, cream, and gold – so definitely not Christmasy at all. Thank goodness for rehearsals because I walked in and said “nope” and proceeded to take down the decorations for the couple and then redecorate their colors. There was still a Christmas tree, but you would have never noticed in the pictures so big win!
Unfortunately, living in Florida and having events here – this is definitely something that comes up a lot. This particular wedding, however, the way the venue was set up, the bride dreamed up an ideal entrance into the ceremony. However, with the rain, it really messed up that vision. We ended up giving the bride and groom a first look option, and moved around the guests so that they could have their special moment privately. Another special moment saved even though there was a challenge!